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Health Coaching for Women with 
Silvia Counts

The Mission

Leading women to the healthiest, happiest, highest versions of themselves through habit and belief change focusing on health, nutrition, and mindset.

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Hi! I'm Silvia Counts, a Master Certified Transformational Health Coach, and creator of Wellness Rising. When starting a wellness or weight loss journey, most know what to do; however, they do not do it, because knowledge does not equal change.  That’s where Health Coaching makes the difference. ⁣


There are 3 levels of change: behavior (habit), belief, and identity. I will work with you on all 3! Habits are the #1 determiner for quality of life. We are/we become what we repeatedly do; therefore, changing habits plays a critical role in the equation of change. True transformation happens when we get into your beliefs and identity, understand the positive intent of why you do what you do, and shift into mindsets that serve you.

You are welcome here, wherever you are on your journey. Wellness Rising is a judgment-free, safe space. I strive to inspire and educate our clients. Everything you need is ALREADY within you, simply waiting to be revealed.

I coach with honesty and empathy, helping you achieve your health goals and become a more confident version of yourself. Together, we will succeed.




Does this sound like you? 

Struggling with lack of energy and feeling tired.

You may feel tired all the time and lack the energy to do daily living. (Energy & vitality is a litmus test of being healthy.)

At risk for chronic and lifestyle disease.

Are you at risk for developing chronic issues from the top 3 lifestyle diseases: obesity, diabetes, and heart disease? Learning new habits WILL change your life.

Struggling to lose weight in a sustainable way​.

Have you tried every fad diet and want to be done with rollercoaster dieting? If your goal is to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle filled with vitality, weight loss may be a part of the equation.

Feeling negative and unproductive.​

Are you struggling with lack of self-worth, self-love, and confidence because of limiting, subconscious beliefs? Let's get unstuck!



Wellness Rising Logo Final-22.png
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