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I'm so happy you're here!

Welcome to Wellness Rising Health Coaching. My mission is to help you rise to the occasion and take control of your health. With a focus on habit shifting and creation, lifestyle change is a possibility.


Say goodbye to the days of yo-yo diets and confusing protocols. I'll teach you HOW to make sustainable changes in your health so you can be a more confident, energized, and happy YOU. 

Work to uncover the positive intent of why you're staying stuck in habit patterns that are not supporting your goals with curiosity only, never with judgment. No matter what stage of life you're in, there's always an opportunity to make a change, there's always hope. 


Ways I Can Help You

Guidance developing nourishing habits to create an empowered life filled with health and vitality. 

Rewrite limiting beliefs about yourself into empowering new beliefs that create a new IDENTITY. Become the healthy, vibrant, and powerful author of your life.

Lose weight and keep it off. Overcome binge eating and emotional eating. Say goodbye to the toxic diet cycle.

Develop a future-focused mindset that is locked in on the WHY. We'll uncover why change is necessary and possible!

Meet Silvia

Hi, I’m Silvia! I am a Master certified transformational health coach, I founded Wellness Rising with the vision of providing women with a safe space they can come to work on themselves. Wellness Rising is Health Coaching informed by behavioral (habit), belief, and identity change. I'm committed to being honest and open, while creating a safe, judgment-free space that fosters vulnerability and authenticity.

I think human connection is extremely underrated. I strive to connect with clients, followers, and our community on a deeper level. In doing so, I hope to cultivate a community for others to find inspiration, encouragement, and support. 

I believe that everyone inherently possesses everything they need to succeed. My role is simply to uncover what is already inside of you.


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